Prabal Gurung + Target Inspiration

I recently bought this pair of heels from the Prabal Gurung + Target collection for my spring break trip to Vegas. Having browsed the collection online prior to its release in stores, I thought the items were cool but never intended on buying anything.

But then I unknowingly stumbled upon this awesome pair of heels at Target one day, at a 20% discount and knew I had to buy them. I love the lace-up detail and they’re actually quite comfortable for a $30 shoe. And they look killer too.

I rocked them with a bright coral-colored cocktail dress with my ladies on the Strip, but here are a few more ways to wear them. (I actually own the polka dot sequin skirt and can’t wait to test drive my heels with it!)

Trendy, casual, or dressy – what’s your favorite?


Outfit 1: Tshirt | Madewell Skirt
Outfit 2: WILDFOX SweatshirtCurrent/Elliott Boyfriend Jeans
Outfit 3: Modcloth Sherbet Dress


Of the Moment

Continuing my “Of the Moment” series, I present to you the things currently on my mind/recent happenings:

(1) Study Abroad – With only 17 days until I leave for Italy (holy cow, I just now counted this and got really scared), this is constantly on my mind. My best friend left last week for Ecuador, where she’ll be studying abroad for four months, and I still felt like it was a ways off for me. But not at all…I have so much to do!

Some exciting news, by the way―I was selected by my study abroad program CIMBA to be a student blogger/ambassador for them while I’m abroad. I am super excited and can’t wait to get started! I plan on cross-posting all my posts, maybe with additional content over here. More to come…

(2) Skulls – Last weekend I found this amazing skull ring at the airport that I had to buy. Not usually my style at all (I tend to think of skulls as demonic or gothic), this one attracted me instantly because of it’s sparkle and statement piece factor. I may also have been inspired by my manager’s lovely, almost unnoticeable, gold skull ring. I received three compliments on my ring from coworkers (including her!) yesterday and I just love it. Jewelry is the perfect way to try a new trend without skewing too much away from one’s personal style. I am now dreaming about this incredible Alexander McQueen skull bangle. What a simple, yet bold, beauty.

(3) Brand is a Four Letter Word – I’m currently reading this book by Austin McGhie of Sterling Brands, recommended to me by my aforementioned manager. The main point he makes is that you cannot “brand” a product; “brand” is not a verb, but a noun only. Our job as marketers is to BUILD a brand. Makes sense to me.

While only a couple chapters in, I have already come to the conclusion that Chapter 2 should be in every college marketing textbook. McGhie (who I actually met in person thanks to my job!) defines the six essential terms of marketing in a concise, sensible way. I’ve never had a crisper picture of the difference and relationship between vision, strategy, brand, etc. I’m excited to see what else this book has in store.

(4) 21st Birthday – At the beginning of this month I (finally!) turned 21. In spirit of the occasion, my mom gave me a Kate Spade pouch with the same cocktail print pictured on the tote above. It’s meant to be a cosmetic case, but I full well plan on using it as a chic, oversize clutch. Perfect for going out on the town in Italy, with camera, Berlitz, lipgloss and wallet in tow.

Happy Fourth

Happy Fourth

Happy Fourth of July! I’ll be celebrating by enjoying food and watching the fireworks from my friend’s boat on Lake Union. The sun is shining and I couldn’t be more excited to kick back. Also, today marks one month until my 21st birthday, so even more reason to celebrate! Hope you all enjoy your Fourth in style and God Bless America!

P.S. I’m swooning over this Dannijo necklace. Spare change, anyone?

A Walk on the Wide Side

You should know that I have an unhealthy obsession with anything cheetah or leopard print. Seriously, if I spot (no pun intended) an item in a store that is even remotely cheetah print, I gravitate toward it like a dog to his bone.

I recently splurged for a pair of dark red leopard Current/Elliotts. Boy let me tell you, they are worth it. I rocked them for the first time a couple weeks ago with my black pointy-toe flats, a black cowl neck, and some fun jewelry. Then I restyled them this week with my gray Hunters. Rawr!

Leopard print has become so versatile today and can even be considered a neutral. With so many shapes, colors, and textures, there is a cheetah item out there for everyone to try, whether you’re classy, trendy, or hipster.

I thought I’d share a few of my recent favorite leopard items here. Which would you try?

1. Clare Vivier clutch
2. Current/Elliott jeans
3. Equipment blouse
4. Zara flats
5. J. Crew envelope clutch

Why I Love Fashion

Now that I am settled back in to my busy college lifestyle, I am ready and excited to commit to my blog. Inspiration strikes at the most random of times and I have a bad habit of cataloguing these thoughts for later. But no more waiting. It begins NOW!

Last night at the UO American Marketing Association (a group that I’m an executive member in) meeting, two of my fellow exec board members gave a presentation on creativity and how to get inspired. At the Lundquist College of Business, creativity isn’t something that is usually talked about. This is left to the J School (Journalism School), full of its “creatives” and photo/video software classes. Max and Emily, digital arts and advertising majors respectively, picked this topic in an attempt to bring some of that creative side to the business school. Turns out, I loved what they had to say.

In particular, Max told us all to find things we love and figure out why we love them. Make a collage of pictures, bookmark things for later, journal it all down; whatever it may be, he stressed pinpointing these things because they can, and will, end up inspiring you later. At the beginning of their presentation, Max and Emily asked what inspires us creatively, or what gets the “artsy” part of our brain working. I immediately thought of all the fashion blogs I follow and how different outfit combinations or certain bloggers’ styles excite me.

Truth be told, as much as I love fashion, I sometimes feel like it has no merit. Like if I tell a classmate that I want to work in fashion, he or she will take me less seriously. What a silly thing to think, I know. (It’s mostly the male gender that makes me think this way.)

But the more I think about it, the more that I explore style, the more days that pass, I become more and more certain about it. Coco Chanel once said:

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

It can take a long time, sometimes forever, for a person to find his or her passion. I am lucky that I have found mine and I am only beginning to figure out WHY it excites me so.

Style is an extension of oneself, a way to express one’s individuality, mood, or agenda. I admire fashion and style because I appreciate visual continuity. The way an outfit is put together, or how the perfect accessory can complement one’s clothing, are part of the visual togetherness. Much like the continuity of a brand’s identity, or a party theme, or a store’s interior. I’ve realized that I’m attracted to the “whole package” or visual appeal, and that is my definition of creativity.

So as I continue this blog, expect a lot of fashion and style related content. It’s my attempt to discover, explore, and practice my passion.