Of the Moment

Continuing my “Of the Moment” series, I present to you the things currently on my mind/recent happenings:

(1) Study Abroad – With only 17 days until I leave for Italy (holy cow, I just now counted this and got really scared), this is constantly on my mind. My best friend left last week for Ecuador, where she’ll be studying abroad for four months, and I still felt like it was a ways off for me. But not at all…I have so much to do!

Some exciting news, by the way―I was selected by my study abroad program CIMBA to be a student blogger/ambassador for them while I’m abroad. I am super excited and can’t wait to get started! I plan on cross-posting all my posts, maybe with additional content over here. More to come…

(2) Skulls – Last weekend I found this amazing skull ring at the airport that I had to buy. Not usually my style at all (I tend to think of skulls as demonic or gothic), this one attracted me instantly because of it’s sparkle and statement piece factor. I may also have been inspired by my manager’s lovely, almost unnoticeable, gold skull ring. I received three compliments on my ring from coworkers (including her!) yesterday and I just love it. Jewelry is the perfect way to try a new trend without skewing too much away from one’s personal style. I am now dreaming about this incredible Alexander McQueen skull bangle. What a simple, yet bold, beauty.

(3) Brand is a Four Letter Word – I’m currently reading this book by Austin McGhie of Sterling Brands, recommended to me by my aforementioned manager. The main point he makes is that you cannot “brand” a product; “brand” is not a verb, but a noun only. Our job as marketers is to BUILD a brand. Makes sense to me.

While only a couple chapters in, I have already come to the conclusion that Chapter 2 should be in every college marketing textbook. McGhie (who I actually met in person thanks to my job!) defines the six essential terms of marketing in a concise, sensible way. I’ve never had a crisper picture of the difference and relationship between vision, strategy, brand, etc. I’m excited to see what else this book has in store.

(4) 21st Birthday – At the beginning of this month I (finally!) turned 21. In spirit of the occasion, my mom gave me a Kate Spade pouch with the same cocktail print pictured on the tote above. It’s meant to be a cosmetic case, but I full well plan on using it as a chic, oversize clutch. Perfect for going out on the town in Italy, with camera, Berlitz, lipgloss and wallet in tow.


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