Soaring in Style

Two weeks ago (meant to blog about this then), Virgin America announced their new uniforms designed by Banana Republic. My first reaction—pure genius. And then I felt guilty for getting excited about it since I work for Alaska Airlines. But all affiliations set aside, this airline-meets-fashion collaboration is such a smart and unique idea.

Complete with classic aviators and an apron emblazoned with a bright red airplane, this 37-piece collection is certainly, in the words of Virgin America, “a breath of fresh air.” Although I’m not a huge fan of red, I can’t help but crave the skinny belt and silk scarf. Oh and did I mention there’s a leather jacket? Sign me up for the next flight attendant position.


Set to hit Virgin terminals and planes on August 8, just in time for the company’s fifth anniversary, Banana Republic is outfitting 2000+ employees including flight attendants, pilots, and gate agents. The collaboration with Banana Republic dates back to 2008. Perhaps the most notable partnership tactic, until now at least, was the in-flight fashion show featuring BR’s Mad Men Collection. My favorite, however, is this simple surprise-and-delight tactic from last Christmas.

No matter the approach, it’s safe to say that both brands are winning with this unusual partnership. Banana Republic definitely thought this move through, as the new designs aren’t just for the Virgin employees. You too can get a taste when BR launches its travel-inspired Fall Collection on August 8th. I’ll be shopping, will you?

(All images courtesy of Virgin America + Banana Republic)


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