Of the Moment

In an effort to help me start blogging more, I’ve decided to start an “Of the Moment” section to highlight the things currently on my mind, things making me smile, or things inspiring me. Much like Emily Schuman’s Five Things or my friend Ally’s Friday Five, but I am calling it “Of the Moment” for two reasons. One being a reminder to myself to live in the moment, and the second being I don’t have to limit myself to a certain number. So, here I go!


(1) Italy
I am studying abroad in Italy this fall and couldn’t be more excited. Today I registered for my classes, making it seem even more real. Having never been out of North America, I can hardly believe I am finally getting the chance to travel. I’m really excited for the classes I’ll be taking, too. Now that my business core classes are out of the way, it’s all electives for my entire senior year of college. Here’s what I’ll be taking:

  • International Marketing
  • Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • Business, Culture & Society
  • Journalism Ethics
  • Italian for Travelers

(2) Statement jewelry
My current fashion obsession of the moment, or past several months really, I cannot get enough of big jewelry. This past weekend I snagged a gorgeous turquoise necklace from Anthropologie and a few months back I found this AMAZING floral piece at Off Fifth. The absolute best part is that no one else has it!Necklace

(3) Alaska Airlines
I am interning in the Marketing department of Alaska Airlines this summer and really enjoying it. I am finally getting the chance to see firsthand what the corporate world is like and I am happy to say that my visions of seeing myself working in a corporate/office setting are confirmed. I love getting dressed up every day, walking down the halls of the building, arriving at my desk, attending meetings. I feel so important. :) I also still feel that marketing is the career path for me, yet this internship is opening my eyes to all new things.

(4) Conversations with old friends
I met up with a high school friend last night whom I hadn’t seen in six months and it never ceases to amaze me how it feels like no time has passed. Except that it had, because it was really cool to see how much she has grown. We sat there for hours outside Starbucks, deep in conversation about the meaning of life and other philosophical things. I forgot how much I enjoy deep talks like that, and how I appreciate her company. She is one of the most unique people I know with such a hunger for knowledge and adventure. In just those two hours, she completely inspired me and caused me to look at things differently. Now that’s a friend!


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