Ball of fire

In a conversation with my boss today, he told me that I brighten up his day because I always have a smile on my face. Totally an unexpected compliment, for I didn’t even realize I do this. But I accepted graciously. My boss then went on to tell me this story:

A while ago a friend of my boss’s had gone to listen to Dale Carnegie’s motivational speech, in which the theme that day was you can always be more enthusiastic and more motivated. This friend thought to himself, “No way. I am already enthusiastic.”

He went to bed that night pondering Carnegie’s words, so much so that he woke up the next morning, literally jumped out of bed and proclaimed “I’m a ball of fire!” His wife and kids were outright confused, but the family ended up eating breakfast together for the first time in years.

This friend proceeded to go on his errands that day, to which he was friendly to every clerk or employee he came across, and he received great amounts of enthusiasm in return. The friend then decided that Carnegie was right and spread his support to everyone.

So, it became my boss’s New Year’s Resolution this year to try to be more enthusiastic everyday. He put a red dot sticker on his watch, a small but important reminder to him that he is a “ball of fire.”

It seems a bit cheesy, but it makes a lot of sense. The more energetic and upbeat you are, the more it rubs off on others. The more cheerful you are, the more people want to be around you.

So when you think you really can’t handle work today, or when everything that can go wrong does go wrong, remember one thing: just smile. You’re a ball of fire, and you should never let that fire go out.


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